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SVQ-Inventus Startup Showcase 2023 is over
10 US-based early in-revenue startups, prime for Series A, presented on September 21, 2023
Missed the event? Review the startups and request a meeting with the founders, at this 
Also, if looking forward to the next edition, register your interest for 2024 edition below






5G and Cloud




Hear directly from 10 of our Seed and Series A stage CEOs about their exciting products and future growth plans
Most of them are US-based and US-focused, while enjoying capital efficiencies of India-based resources

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Democratising 3D AR content creation and camera-first consumption at scale, using proprietary image recognition etc.

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Easy-to-adopt self-use SaaS-based software, for contractors and modular manufacturers to help faster project completion.

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System-in-the-cloud marketplace that provides developers with an on-demand, on-cloud evaluation for IC integrations.

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Revolutionary plasma propulsion systems for small satellites. Authorized as a sole-source supplier for any U.S. Govt. agency.

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Helping title companies, lenders, and investors to eliminate HOA hurdles and take back control of documents acquisition process.

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DevOps software massively reducing software debugging costs. Automated snapshot testing for Java developers.

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3D and VR science toolkit for teachers, with immersive labs and simulations, available for desktop/laptop and VR platforms.

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Solve enterprise edge and private 5G management complexity through zero-touch edge orchestration at scale.

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The complete no-code Agile Monetization Platform designed with usage-based billing models in mind.

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Integrated platform for researchers to discover, write, and publish research, with an AI-copilot to deconstruct any research paper.

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