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If you're an entrepreneur seeking seed funding for a US-incorporated early-stage technology business, please email with the following details and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

  • Your name and your startup's name

  • Country of incorporation of your startup and the city you are based in

  • Month (Year) when you began the startup

  • Short write-up on your startup including the amount you are raising and the tentative valuation range

  • Pitch deck and a demo video of your product/solution (if applicable and available)

  • Is your company pre-revenue? If not, what is your current MRR, revenues for last year, and expected revenues for this year? (ignore if answered in the short write-up or the pitch deck)

  • Funding history of the company – how much has been raised thus far and when was this capital raised? (ignore if answered in the short write-up or the pitch deck)

For any other queries, email at


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