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Inspire. Encourage. Grit.

Inventus leads Seed rounds for Silicon Valley startups. 
Supporting them in every way possible to achieve Series A milestones. 


We’re building the world’s largest collaboration platform for Research. The support from Inventus is incredibly valuable, but perhaps more importantly the partners’ experience having built social networks helped us deliver on our brand promise.

AI first. 

We are thought leaders in not just finding AI rocketships but also transforming ourselves into an AI-first Venture firm.

Most Recent Unicorn IPOs
Poshmark & PolicyBazaar

Inventus co-led the Pre-Seed round & invested super-prorata throughout the company's private journey

Inventus led an early round in the Seed phase and supported the company thru to the IPO

Inventus Annual Startup Showcase

10 Early In-revenue companies presented a few months back in 2023

Review their decks & videos and set a meeting with the founders at this link


Run-Rate Sales across Active U.S. Portfolio


Sales Growth Since Initial Investments


IPOs or Acquisitions



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