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5 Things Every Entrepreneur Should Know

Samir talks about the 5 things every entrepreneur should know

  1. Why am I embarking on this entrepreneurial journey?

  2. Venture Capital Funding is not equivalent to success – 95-96% of successful businesses dont raise money from VCs Things VCs look for in a startup for investing:

  3. Large markets

  4. Fast Growing

  5. Not a me too

  6. Not too crowded market

  7. An exit that is visible for the VC

  8. You cannot build a company for an exit (exits happen).

  9. Importance of the team.

  10. Failure is the part of the entrepreneurial journey. Samir is currently the Managing Director of Inventus Advisory Service. He has been an early-stage venture investor in India since 2001. Prior to co-founding Inventus, Samir led the India venture investing team for Acer Technology Ventures, where he made early-stage investments in the technology space.Samir earned his B.Tech from IIT-Bombay in 1984 and an MBA from IIM, Bangalore in 1986, where he was awarded the Best All-Round Outgoing student.


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