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The complete no-code Agile Monetization Platform designed with usage-based billing models in mind.



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Leadership Team

Jayaram Bhat, CEO and President

- Venture Partner at Shasta Ventures
- CEO, President & Co-Founder – Zenprise, Squelch
- Board Member – Cequence, Skycure, Tealeaf, CyberArk,
Electric Cloud, Apteligent
- Executive – Mercury Interactive, Cadence, Daisy Systems,
EDA Systems, Intel
- BSEE – NITK, India; MBA – University of Texas, Austin

Murali Saravu, CTO and Founder

- 20+ years of experience building billing systems for Opsware-HP,
- Reuters, Cable & Wireless, Intuit, Cisco, Upwork

Janette Chock, CFO

- 30+ years of financial leadership experience, CPA
- Zenprise, Squelch, Zest Labs, IGN Entertainment, Worldtalk,
- Fujitsu Personal Systems, Diffusion, PBD, Deloitte & Touche
- BS - Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley

Geoff Galat, CMO

- 30+ years of marketing leadership experience
- Tealeaf, Clicktale, AGT International, IBM, Mercury Interactive,
Tumbleweed, Luminate

Kevan Albrighton, Head of FSI

- 40+ years of financial industry experience with 32 years at JP
Morgan in Transaction Banking, Product, Revenue Management
and Billing

Ashok Dugapati, Senior Vice President, Engineering

- 20+ years of engineering leadership/product development


- Host Analytics, Gainsight, Xactly (formerly TopOPPS), GraphoNET
BSEE – NIIT, MBA – Dr.B.R. Ambedkar Open University, India


Monetize360 delivers Monetization Cloud, a dynamic pricing, billing and revenue management and analytics platform that simplifies and accelerates the implementation of pricing and billing automation for any scenario regardless of complexity, ranging from simple subscription models all the way to complex usage-based models. The no-code platform can be rapidly implemented as a stand-alone product or integrated with major billing solutions without the need for advanced configuration. Monetize360 makes it easy for a customer’s Finance, Sales, and Product departments to collaborate and quickly execute the best possible monetization and pricing strategies.


Monetization Cloud is deployed in a Global US Bank Blockchain Business. Monetization Cloud is also deployed at Akoya, an Open Banking Data API network, owned by a consortium of banks including PNC Bank. 

Monetize360 provides Akoya with an end-to-end pricing, billing and revenue management solution which includes billing analytics and forecasting with GL, Payments, and Salesforce integration. For more details, please refer to this press release.

Other customers deploying Monetization Cloud include Intuit, NCR, CNA, Freemarket, Upwork and TurnCare.

Funding History

Monetize360 closed a $3.2M seed round of financing in 2021 with Inventus Capital Partners, SVQuad, and Idealab. The Company also raised $1.3M in SAFEs. The Company’s angel investors include Joe Branca, CFO and Wilson D’Souza, former CTO of Akoya.

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