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Easy-to-adopt self-use AI-integrated SaaS-based software, for contractors and modular manufacturers to help faster project completion.



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Leadership Team

Note: This is an AI-generated memo produced using our in-house tool (in Beta) and provides key qualitative information on the startup

Karthik Thumu, CEO & Founder


Karthik Thumu, hailing from Singapore, stands as the backbone of LivSYT, leading the company as its founder and CEO. Apart from steering LivSYT, Karthik's portfolio is adorned with roles such as a Board Member at Elemental Realty and the former CEO of Arth Design Build. His architectural foundation and experience in previous roles as digital consultant coupled with a Bachelor's degree from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, is undoubtedly a pivotal asset in understanding and enhancing construction management.

Abhishek Kumar, COO

Currently serving as the Chief Operating Officer for LivSYT, Abhishek Kumar's professional journey in Gurugram, Haryana, is marked by a strong foundation in organizational and business transformation. Before stepping into the realm of construction management software, Abhishek showcased his proficiency in sectors like logistics, oil & gas, mining, and power during his tenure at KPMG India. With roles ranging from Consultant to Manager, he honed his skills in growth strategy, marketing strategy, and operations improvement. His engineering experience at NTPC further complements his understanding of project operations and maintenance. Abhishek is an alumnus of the Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta, and the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur.

Brajesh Bhanj Deo, Chief Strategy Office

As the Chief Strategy Officer at LivSYT, Brajesh Bhanj Deo is no stranger to strategy and planning. His experience as the Head of Strategy & Planning at Arth Design Build underscores his adeptness at guiding businesses towards strategic growth. Prior roles in product and project management further amplify his skills in execution and leadership. Brajesh is a graduate of the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, and has furthered his academic journey with a Master's in Applied Biotechnology from Uppsala University.

​Anil Rachakonda, Strategic Advisor

Anil Rachakonda, based in Palo Alto, California, blends his expertise in product management, business development, and corporate execution with a keen focus on AI/ML and Industry 4.0. With a career that includes notable stints as the Senior Vice President of Corporate Development at SafeAI, Inc., and Vice President at Continental, Anil's prowess in the automotive and semiconductor sectors is evident. His educational background, a blend of systems engineering and management from MIT, coupled with finance from Harvard Business School, provides him a holistic view of both the technical and business aspects of the industry.

Team Camaraderie

The successful conception and growth of LivSYT is backed by a rich history of collaboration between its founders. Abhishek Kumar and Brajesh Bhanj Deo, both emanate from the esteemed corridors of the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur. Their time at this institution overlapped between 2005 and 2009, forging a bond built on shared educational values and experiences. Their joint knowledge acquired from this revered institution, known for fostering innovation and analytical skills, undeniably sets the stage for their venture into transforming the construction sector through LivSYT. Additionally, the alliance between Brajesh Bhanj Deo and Karthik Thumu was cemented during their tenure at Arth Design Build. Their combined efforts, spanning from April 2016 to September 2022, surely honed their shared vision for a holistic approach to construction management, culminating in the establishment of LivSYT. Their aligned experiences at Arth Design Build further emphasize the seamless collaboration between strategy and architectural expertise, pivotal to the promise of LivSYT.


Contractor Foreman

Like LivSYT, Contractor Foreman serves as a holistic solution in the realm of construction and project management, boasting features like online training and unlimited storage. However, what distinguishes LivSYT is its emphasis on bottom-up site management, honed by the expertise of professionals from IIT and NICMAR. This unique focus addresses on-site inefficiencies in the construction ecosystem, aiming for maximum productivity with optimal resource allocation. This approach leads to direct profitability showcase to contractors.


Both LivSYT and Procore operate in the domain of online construction software, providing tools for project management and collaboration. Procore is recognized for its quick response times, a quality shared by many in this industry. Yet, LivSYT’s distinct advantage lies in its comprehensive solution for on-site inefficiencies, specifically developed for a broad range of stakeholders, from government authorities to contractors and vendors. Procore Ex CFO is a key advisor to liVSYT , as a tesmatament by he sees livSYT comprehensively solves schedule and project management problem for large contractors , where procore exisitinga architecture wont be completely appreciated.


Buildertrend, like LivSYT, provides cloud-based solutions tailored for the construction sector. While Buildertrend offers services predominantly for home builders and remodelers, LivSYT sets itself apart by targeting the broader construction landscape. Its digital workflows and data analytics functionalities provide a deeper dive into on-site processes and resource usage trends, paving the way for accelerated project completions. Buildertrend again focuses on small builders , whereas livSYT focuses on large contractors.

Oracle Primavera

Oracle's Primavera, like LivSYT, is designed for comprehensive construction project management. While both emphasize quick response times, LivSYT's advantage resides in its specific approach to address site-level inefficiencies. Its automated job allocation and real-time visibility streamline on-the-ground operations, driving profitability and productivity simultaneously. Primavera is used predominantly in preplanning but its site level interaction in limited , whereas livSYT excels here. Also potential of usage of AI in LivSYT for resource optimization puts it far apart from primavera. 

Autodesk Construction Cloud

Both Autodesk Construction Cloud and LivSYT focus on bridging different stages of construction through an integrated platform. However, where LivSYT shines is in its detailed functionalities designed for on-site management. Its automated documentation, such as site image uploads and geo-tags, minimizes paperwork, making operations more streamlined and efficient. Autodesk main focus is building , or large design coordination cahlleneging projects , where as livSYT focussed on large contractors on site management.


Fieldwire and LivSYT share an ethos of simplifying construction collaboration. However, LivSYT goes a step further by not just focusing on the sharing aspect, but on active on-site management. Through its digital workflows and automated job allocation, LivSYT enhances accountability and minimizes manual coordination. LivSYT is on path of resource optimization with Ai ,which with fieldwire architecture might not be possible at this stage. 


JobNimbus and LivSYT both offer cloud-based solutions for construction professionals. What distinguishes LivSYT, however, is its extensive suite of tools that provide real-time visibility and automated documentation. This focus ensures that professionals receive up-to-date information and reduces time spent on manual report generation.


eSUB and LivSYT both prioritize connecting the field to the office. While eSUB captures site events and labor activities, LivSYT’s multifaceted approach, grounded in its origins from professionals at IIT and NICMAR, emphasizes the elimination of on-site inefficiencies, aiming for a more profound transformation in the construction sector.

Funding History

On March 1, 2023, LlivSYT secured an investment of $2M in a Seed funding round from Z21 Ventures and startup-o ventures.

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